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Acoustic Development International is a novel approach to the transducer business. We focus on design, prototyping, and sourcing solutions for your transducer needs. And rather than roll out an entire new infrastructure for production, we’ve chosen to partner with some of the highest quality, most reliable sources overseas. The result is an unparalleled combination of advanced engineering, innovative supply, and affordable high quality production backed with some of the best service in the industry.

ADI is a division and brand of SeaJay Limited, a registered Hong Kong company.

Dan Wiggins' Photo

Dan Wiggins
Chief Technical Officer
and Resident Mad Scientist

Dan Wiggins is ADI’s Chief Technical Officer and resident Mad Scientist. An Electrical Engineer by training, he has 20 years of professional engineering experience. His acoustics background includes SONAR, ultrasound, and audio transducer and system development. He has developed several patented, patent-pending, and proprietary technologies targeted towards improving linearity in acoustical transducers. In addition to his technical background, Dan has fifteen years of executive level engineering management experience leading cross-discipline teams in research and development in a wide variety of product markets, including 3 years as a lead Design Engineer at Sundstrand Data Control, 5 years as Chief Engineer of BioSonics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of scientific and research SONAR systems, and 7 years as President and CEO of Extremis Audio LLC where he launched many revolutionary products and technologies in the consumer audio markets.

Dan splits his time between Seattle, WA and Shanghai, China and his few spare hours restoring his 1963 Mercury Comet Custom.


Mrk Cohen's picture

Mark Cohen
President and CEO

  A long time industry professional, Mr. Cohen started early. While getting his degree at California State University, he co-founded a music store and was plucked from it 2 years later by CBS (Fender Musical Instruments division).This also interrupted his law school education. After 5 years at Fender, and turning the company around from its purchase by CBS (he developed over 100 new products for them), Mr. Cohen joined SAE to start a professional products division, and was later promoted to handle the consumer electronics sales as well. Next he was on the start-up team at Fostex, and helped revolutionize the recording industry. While at Fostex, Mr. Cohen helped develop many new products, and is known for the technological breakthrough allowing digital audio tape recorders to sync to film & video using SMPTE time code. After about 12 years at Fostex, he started another company based on parallel computer processing… a fully automated digitally controlled mixer. Leaving Tactile Technology, Mr. Cohen started working more in the computer industry; both hardware and software. These included Quad Research (streaming media storage), Touchtone Software (IBM AS400 software and Oracle integration), Unibrain (1394 Firewire and Network Attached Storage Servers), Intelligent Audio Systems (automated room acoustical correction), 2Contract (contract management software and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance), and lately at Tymphany Corporation, a VC funded start-up with new transducer technology founded by the CEO and co-founder of Cirrus Logic. His customers have included virtually all types from Circuit City/Best Buy to Apple, Porsche, Nissan, Microsoft, Sharp, Sony, Sharper Image, direct sales via the web, and many others.

Jessica Wang's picture

Jessica Wang
General Manager

Jessica Wang is ADI’s Shanghai Office general manager. Jessica has 10 years of management experience, including roles as general manager for several electronics and export/trading companies located in China. Jessica started in the electronics field as the General Manager Assistant of Wagner Electronic Tech Company, Ltd. a subsidiary of Wagner GmbH, located in Suzhou, China. After several years Jessica moved to Shanghai Senbon Textile Company where she was a senior trading partner for export to the EU and US markets. Following her career at Shanghai Senbon, Jessica started her own company, J&X Electronic Tech, a company specializing in the design and production of custom cable assemblies and electronics exporting. Jessica joined ADI in the summer of 2007, and also serves as the vice-director of Peak-Tech, a leading tooling and aluminum casting company in Suzhou, China.

Jessica is a native of Shanghai, is fluent in English, German, and Mandarin, and loves to travel.

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