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Acoustic Development International is an outstanding group of engineers and logistics/production professionals. After all, there’s no benefit to using the best products if they can’t be delivered on time and with high quality. We provide microdrivers, tweeters, midranges, woofers, as well as different technologies; all depending on your needs.

 We have a number of new, exclusive technologies that offer superior performance for a wide range of markets. Some, but not all, of our technologies include:

  • XBL™ - The world’s most linear motor structure, and the original multigap technology, scalable to ANY size driver
  • X-Coil™ - Active impedance correction to completely eliminate all effects of inductance at all frequencies
  • AFACT™ - Asymmetric Forced Air Cooling Technology which effectively doubles the power handling of any speaker
  • RevSurround™ - A new take on surround designs, greater stroke, better linearity, more surface area on the cone

  • Arachnid™ Suspension - Building spiders the way they should be built - more linearity, higher tolerance, completely flexible


While we’re known primarily for our outstanding transducers, we also provide complete system solutions for our customers. Our product line covers the full range from tiny 10mm laptop-specific drivers to monster 21” units and everything in between. No driver is too big or too small. Contact us today with your requirements and see what we can do!

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